CloudBees is a continuous delivery software service provider.

Firstly, it provided a platform as a service to build, run and manage web applications. CloudBees admitted the entire life cycle of the application, from development to implementation.
They belong to a worldwide team that works to foster continuous economy.
Its founders and leaders are highly experienced professionals on Open Source projects and they have become icons of the industry. Some of those current projects foster digital companies and software engineering worldwide.
Cloudbees is driven by its passion to make companies grow which enable market transformation and stir up technologist performance.


  • Visibility in software delivery and perspectives.
  • Hosted CI / CD as service.
  • Flexible and governed automation of software delivery.
  • Consulting services.
  • CloudBees Jenkins technical support.
  • Training: In your office, on-line or with our partners, enhance your knowledge and speed up your success with training provided by CI / CD experts.


  • CloudBees Core: End-to-end coverage of software delivery pipelines.
  • Cloudbees Core for Kubernets CD delivery: To deliver and implement cloud applications in Kubernetes containers.
  • CloudBees CodeShip: Faster delivery with CI / CD service.
  • CloudBees DevOptics: Visibility and knowledge to measure, manage and optimize software delivery.
  • CloudBees starter kit Get the best from CloudBees Core and CloudBees DevOptics.
  • CloudBees Jenkins distribution: tailor-made for clients.

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