Both companies formed an alliance to promote the open source ERP, Odoo, in that country.

Along with Joop, a growing business management solutions provider, we signed a partnership to jointly sell and implement the open source, world-class Odoo ERP Cloud in Mexico.

Based in Mexico, Joop offers management software services and customized solutions for SMEs in different industries such as Education, Tourism, Agribusiness, Retail, others. Odoo, on the other hand, is a cloud ERP with applications that allow customer relationship management (CRM), sales, manufacturing processes, inventory management, point of sale (POS) and accounting, offering all the benefits of being a world-class open source solution.

With this alliance we hope to become one of the main Odoo implementers in Mexico, as well as a leading provider of these solutions throughout Latin America in upcoming years, enhancing our teamwork with Joop's to implement and localize the system according to each client's needs. We believe this is the most successful and fastest growing business model for all of us.

Adrian AnacletoCEO of Epidata

"We want to work with corporate, government and SME clients. Odoo boosts the digital modernization, upgrade and transformation of major companies and is also the right solution for many businesses that have been digitized as a result of the pandemic and need a flexible management system to handle their operations. This allows us to bring customers the very best practices to implement technology and solve their business management in a context where speed and efficiency are highly valued elements.

Adrian AnacletoCEO of Epidata