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At Epidata, we empower your IT services
to reach a new level of productivity

We accompany you in the process of simplifying and optimizing your corporate processes through Invgate. We can unify your operations and improve the efficiency of delivering your IT services, from asset management to user support, all in one place.

Take the leap towards quality in your IT Services
with the help of experts

We assist you in developing a state-of-the-art help desk.

Comprehensive IT service management

Invgate provides us with an all-in-one platform to manage all aspects of an organization’s IT services.

We will support you in managing incidents, problems, changes, assets, and configurations, facilitating coordination and control of your IT processes.

Automation and efficiency

The automation capabilities offered by Invgate allow us to optimize workflows and reduce manual workload.

Thanks to our experience, we can provide high efficiency in delivering your services, helping you save time and resources.

Improved user experience

We also work to enhance the user experience, facilitating interaction with the system and improving customer satisfaction.

Invgate provides an intuitive and customizable interface, allowing quick access to information and more efficient task execution.

Advanced reporting and analysis

This platform gives us the ability to generate advanced reports and analysis to provide valuable insights into the performance of your services.

This enables IT managers and teams to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and evaluate compliance with service levels.

Integration and scalability

With Invgate, we can achieve secure and efficient integrations. This tool easily integrates with other applications and systems used in an organization’s IT environment.

Furthermore, it is a scalable solution that adapts to the company’s needs as it grows and evolves.

Manage your processes in a single platform
with experienced professionals


With CMDB Discovery, we will help you manage hardware, software, mobile, and cloud inventory.

Hardware Inventory Management

Software Inventory Management

Mobile Inventory Management

Cloud Instance Management

CMDB Discovery

CMDB Viewer

Change Monitoring

IT Security Monitoring

Automated Discovery

Integration with Service Desk

Service Desk

We will support you to ensure proper utilization of this service platform and incident management.

Ticket Management

Knowledge Base

Service Catalog

Reports and Dashboards


ITIL Certified




Multi-Departmental Support

Single Sign-On (SSO)

ITAM Integrations

Available in Cloud and On-Premise versions

Time Tracking

Get to know InvGate as your ITSM solution through our experts

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Build a cutting-edge help desk with Epidata

InvGate Service Desk is the chosen solution for medium to large organizations seeking to deliver exceptional service.

Innovation and efficiency in one place


Efficiently register, assign, and track tickets.


Optimize your business processes with customizable workflows.


Always guarantee service quality by establishing clear agreements.


Gain a centralized view of all your assets with this tool.


Proactively monitor your systems and networks with this service.


Centrally manage all your asset information.

The IT management service used by large organizations

Integrations with world-class applications

Keep innovation close

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