Since 2008 Epidata has been working in Silicon Valley with companies such as JP Morgan, Stanford Research Institute, Verizon, Walmart, Atrium, providing Outsourcing Innovation services like software development and design, application modernization, IoT, RPA, AI, Data Management, Architecture and Integrations.

In 2018, we joined forces with Inaka through their acquisition, an end-to-end mobile and web app development company fluent in proven technologies and super fast in exploring new tech. Inaka was an expert in Erlang, Elixir, Phoenix, Ruby, Java, AngularJS, ReactJS, Swift, HTML5, Riak, Redis, Elastic-Search and MySQL. 

Ever since then, our work has grown continuously, gaining customers such as Mulesoft, Salesforce, Atrium, Verizon, Stanford Research Institute, JP Morgan, Walmart and many others, while strengthening our services through strategic alliances with partners such as Mulesoft, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, MariaDB, GitLab, HelpSystems and more.

As part of our ongoing growth, we are currently very pleased to announce the opening of our new offices located in Office House, California, to further develop our business relationships and innovation delivery.

I am very proud of all our achievements and to keep helping our customers improve and deliver quality solutions. We work with people and organizations who have ambitious missions. Our focus is being closed to our clients in order to co-create solutions, innovations and transform their business, that is why we are looking for professionals to join our team. Let's keep building the future!

Adrian AnacletoCEO of Epidata