The company appointed Carmen Sanchez Berrios as the new Human Capital Manager for the operations in Latin America and the United States. Epidata currently employs more than 350 people and aims to incorporate 60 more professionals before the end of the year.

Epidata announces the appointment of Carmen Sánchez Berrios as the new Human Capital Manager for its operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and the United States. 

Sánchez Berrios has more than a decade of international experience in the area of Human Capital. She has a degree in Organizational and Work Psychology and a master’s degree in Psychological Evaluation and Psychodiagnosis (University of Buenos Aires, UBA), as well as executive training in Management Development (Catholic University of Argentina, UCA). 

Quoting Adrián Anacleto, CEO of Epidata:

“Epidata has shown very good business results so far in the third half of 2021. Based on a regional expansion strategy, we have a solid operation that plans to incorporate 60 new professionals in the coming months, which represents an increase of about 35% of our current team […] Those companies and government agencies seeking to generate a sustained impact over time are victims of Martec’s law, which holds that technological advances grow at an exponential rate while innovation decisions do it in a polynomial one. Epidata specializes in Innovation Outsourcing so that this adoption occurs effectively in different areas such as RPA, DevOps, and Design Thinking, among others. Nowadays some companies are looking to innovate and others that need to keep their technology updated, catching up solutions and processes; that is why our offer is so attractive and sustains our growth and projections for the next years”.

Sanchez Berrios’ experience and professionalism are tuned to Epidata’s success and growth, both factors making possible her appointment as the new Human Resources Manager, while other areas of the company develop simultaneously, executing the career plan planned for each of the Epidaters and including investments in their certifications and constant training. 

About Epidata 

Epidata is a privately-owned company specialized in Innovation Outsourcing, with headquarters in Buenos Aires and ten offices distributed in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay and San Francisco (California, USA). From there, it is dedicated to providing software development and design services, application modernization, IoT, machine learning, consulting and Big Data. Its business solutions optimize operations, create better experiences for employees and engage customers. Since 2003, it has had a track record of successfully supporting multinational corporations such as SRI International, JP Morgan, Tenaris, Turner, Telecom, HSBC, Monsanto, and Walmart. It has a series of strategic alliances with companies such as Microsoft, GitLab, Mulesoft, Salesforce, Oracle, CA Technologies, MariaDB, Red Hat, HelpSystems, and FCEyN – UBA (University of Buenos Aires) that allow them to offer digital solutions to their clients.

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