Ceo`s and Directors of the most important companies in the country anticipate what is coming and their projects for next year.

Every year, El Cronista prepares a special edition with hundreds of key figures from the most important companies in the country, who analyse the year that is ending, the one starting and a balance of the sector.

Adrian Anacleto, CEO and founder of Epidata took part in the 2020 edition of the article, stating that

  • We plan to continue innovating to create disruptive solutions. It will be a great year to boost technologies such as RPA, AI and automation. We have formed alliances with leading companies in these fields to provide their services in Latin America. We will keep on creating job opportunities and technology training.
  • The pandemic affected the payment chain and accelerated innovation projects, forcing us to work with agility. Many of the measures announced by the government made the macroeconomic variables more complex. The suspension of the Knowledge Economy Law was a blow to be overcome. Despite these obstacles, we continue to operate and grow. The balance is positive, since we managed to absorb our clients’ demand and generate job opportunities, maintaining an average of 60 searches throughout the year. We renewed the ISO 9001:2015 certification and certified in ISO 27001 for the first time.
  • The sector was hit hard by the suspension of the Knowledge Economy Law, the Teleworking Law and the restrictions on the dollar. We hope that policies that protect local businesses will be promoted in the future.