Since its foundation, Epidata’s mission was to offer innovative and quality solutions both in Latin America and the rest of the world. For this reason, when in 2019 we decided to open Epidata Colombia, we had in mind the project of expanding in the region. However, in order to create new markets, it is necessary to work dedicatedly; for this reason, our work in Colombia began a long time ago. In 2014, for example, we provided training in Software Architecture, Cloud, Big Data, Agile Testing and Azure. Here we collaborated with governmental entities such as the National Learning Service (SENA) and trained more than a thousand professionals. This is our way of contributing to the technical and technological development of the region.

But how did we establish contact with diplomacy? Within the framework of the initiative headed by the Argentine ambassador in Colombia, Gustavo Dzugala, a space was proposed for Argentine companies based in the country to establish relations with the local business sector. To this end, multiple meetings were organized and sectorized according to the area of expertise of the participants. Thus, on November 17, it was the time for technology and information technology.

The objective of this project was to generate greater links between the different business agents in both Argentina and Colombia, which, in addition to fostering the exchange of ideas and shared learning, it sought to increase how Argentine companies rely on the Colombian business sector. This allows different economic sectors and agents (Government, Ministry of Education, tourism agencies, private companies, Bogota Chamber of Commerce, etc.) to meet each other, promoting their growth.

It should also be noted that the project has been executed from within a formal diplomatic entity. In the short, medium and long term, this will generate the necessary institutional framework for those companies that decide to compete in Colombia’s tough bidding processes. Likewise, this will allow many companies to access regions with a long history in technology (such as Medellin, Cali and Bogota) where foreign companies are gradually beginning to be accepted.

Since 2016 Epidata has provided services to clients such as Yara Colombia S.A, Alma Café, Cencosud S.A, Viappiani, Grupo Davisa, SENA, Bercomat Family, BD Guidance, Cencosud and Claro Colombia, among others. We believe that participating in these type of projects —so closely related to our growth objectives— can contribute to the Colombian State’s intention to identify the needs of each region of their country, and transfer new economic entities to these areas

In other words, Epidata can contribute to the technologization of companies in Colombia, streamlining their processes and bureaucratic issues.  This project made it possible to diagnose each region of Colombia to identify its needs and to design the transfer of the new economic entities to those areas. In other words, the project functioned as a communication channel. 

Currently,  Epidata Colombia has many open positions.We are looking to continue to grow and increase the number of collaborators We invite you to be part of the team, the region is getting stronger!